Suerte, “luck” in Spanish, is an independent craft tequila made in the highlands of Jalisco. We are a single-distillery tequila, which means Suerte is the only brand made with the NOM 1530 All our tequilas are 100% Tahona-crushed. Our Tahona was hand carved from volcanic rock that was unearthed below our distillery and weighs approximately 3,000 pounds. We only use 100% pure Blue Weber agave


Using a traditional brick oven, horno, we slow-roast the piñas for a minimum of 52 hours Next, we CRUSH the roasted piñas with our Tahona far 16 hours. Using a proprietary yeast, we allow slow fermentation for 72 hours Then we double distill. First in stainless and finish in copper. Blanco then goes to stainless tanks while the Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo go into wood barrels.

Suerte is considered a highland tequila as it is from Atotonilco El Alto, the hometown of our master distiller Pedro Hernandez Barba. Highlands are characterized by iron rich soil, 6,000 ft elevation, microclimate (hot days/cold nights), and sweeter agave/tequila. Our water source is a natural spring with high mineral content and is sought after by many distillers.


Our co-founders were inspired by “The legend of LIDO rabbits” which credits a rabbit with discovering tequila

Our rabbit was hand drawn by a tattoo artist named Adam Jackson from Tacoma, WA. Inside our rabbit are 13 icons that each have a unique meaning relating to luck, tequila and our passion for the Mexican spirit.


Rested for 2 months in stainless steel

Citrus and herbal notes, pure agave flavor, smooth finish


Aged for 7 months in charred White American Oak whiskey barrels

Smooth caramel and butterscotch notes


Aged for 21.1 months in charred white American oak whiskey barrels

Vanilla notes with smooth finish

Excellent balance of oak and agave

EXTRA añejo

Aged for 8 years in charred white American oak whiskey barrels

A limited blended barrel release

Strong oak, smooth palate, hints of ripe cherry, vanilla, apricot and cinnamon

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