Blue Weber

Made with 100% Blue Weber Suerte Tequila. All natural ingredients and sparkly water. Suerte Seltzers are hand-crafted, vegan, gluten free and now available in 3 refreshing flavors

Suerte Seltzer Margarita

Making a great margarita is no easy task. The same could be said of tequila. Fortunately, you dont have to do either: Suerte Tequila went for it. And won. All good things–fresh lime juice, agave nectar and 100% Blue Weber Suerte Tequila – make the margarita you seek. What luck!

Suerte Seltzer Paloma

A crowd-pleaser. Made with pure pink grapefruit juice, agave nectar and no weird unpronounceable stuff. The star of the show, Suerte Tequila ensures luck in every sip!

Suerte Seltzer Ranch Water

This tasty treat is primed for the mindul drinker. Simply sparkling water + Suerte Tequila mixed and ready for you to add a twist of your favorite sitrus. It’s how luck would have it.

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